Saturday, November 20, 2010

team time

xx/xy partner team wod - kyle and I took second place! :)

event 1 - 100 partner situps. team sits facing each other and must do them together and touch each other shoes at the top. We won this event! I knew this was going to be a strong event for me going into it because after fighting I have good core strength and can whip through situps fast. 3:14 was our time. both of us were actually having issues with our ab balls rolling out from under us but we never broke our cadence and we smoked through them!

event 2 - Move 10,000 lbs with 1 bar equally as a team as follows.
xy - Clean & jerk
xx - deadlift
Since kyle and i are both athletes not mathletes we decided to use a 100 pounds and switch back and forth after 5 reps for 10 rounds. This was an excellent strategy as we won this event! we went smoking fast and honestly it was really easy for me because 100 lbs is a light dead for me so kyle would bang out the C & J's and I would catch the bar off his drop and grip and rip the deads without any issues. I actually was able to just romanian deadlift them because of the weight which worked better because it is faster than having to setup for them. Someone told me afterwords that I looked like I was just shrugging the weight. Time 5:27.

event c - 100 partner wallballs  @ 16lbs - if anyone drops the ball - 25 pushups by both team members
xy - because using womens weight had to do 3 med ball cleans for every wallball.
This is the event I was most concerned about because I normally use a 14 not a 16 and I sometimes have accuracy issues with wallballs. but i was so focused on this that these were the best wallballs I have ever done! There was no way I was dropping the ball  and doing the pushups because you would be out of the comp time wise if I did that. I never put the ball down and every throw I had was picture perfect because i wanted them to count. I swear I have never done a wod where I was able to count every single wallball and never took a break doing them. Honestly I think it was because i got extra rest time when he had to clean it so I was never hurting and just felt strong when throwing. I like having the pushup penalty and the partner for these because it really pushed me to get through them. And now that I know I can do these well I am not letting myself off the hook on them when I go solo! We came in second in this event with a time of 8:50.

event d - 100 burpees for the team - only one person can be doing burpees at a time and each person must do 25  each time before switching. The catch is the male has to hold a 155 lb deadlift while the female does burpees. and the female has to do an isometric squat hold while the male does burpees. If he drops the bar or if she comes up out of the squat then  the burpees are stopped until your partner is back in the hold.  I didn't do my burpees as well as I would have like to because the standard was that your hands had to come off the deck  for the pushups. I have never done burpees like this before so I think I was taking too much time to ensure my hands came off the deck.  I did well in them but I think I can do burpees faster and would like to go at this again. Also the squat hold was a fucking burn in between the burpees but i wasn't allowing myself to come back up. That is where the team stuff is so great for me becasue if i were alone I don't think I would have made myself suffer through that without an occasional rest. We took second in this event with a time of 6:53.

Total team time was 23:44 which was good enough for second place. I actually felt find from this workout as it seemed one of the easier ones Ive had lately. I immediately went to the pool for the team swim.

warmup then drills of kicking on our backs with our hands extended over headed. Not sure how many laps we did of this but it was interesting I never have done this before.

5 rounds of the following 100 sequence
25 - kick on back hands overhead
25 -free
25  - sprint freestyle (wanted a high stroke turnover)
25 - free
I have issues swimming in a straight line when on my back like this. I have no idea why it was kinda funny.

then 10 - 50s on a minute - these went ok - i still think too much about the other people in my lane and i clipped the lane line a few times with my hand.

then 5 - 100s on two minutes - these also went fine. It's weird I didn't felt like I was swimming as hard as I could be yet I didn't feel like I could go any faster. Maybe that means it was a consistent effort instead of an all out effort. maybe it cuz I am swimming with other people and not just getting into my own space and rhythm I don't know. I think swimming around others so much will help me when racing next season because at some point I will be more accustomed to it.

bfast - 1 cup soy yogurt, 1 cup strawberries, 1 cup blueberries, 1 scoop vega sport performance protein, 2 tbsp ground flax seed, 9 almonds

snack - 2 scoops vega wfo w/coconut water

lunch - 8 oz grit tofu, 1 cup red beets, 1/2 cup black beans over romaine lettuce.

I feel great after all of this. It was really fun doing the team comp today.

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