Sunday, September 12, 2010

Blueman Race report

Of course it rained for the race. the day started with a tough drive to the race site which made me later than I would have liked to be and altered my pre race setup. But I got everything I really needed to done. The swim was in a great lake called the blue marsh lake. the water is a blue-green really pretty color. It  sits on a bunch of hard rock so i sliced my toe open. But overall a great lake, water was a little choppy probably from the rain. no weeds! I felt really good on the swim. I felt like I was moving along well, got into a hard working rhythm and stayed focused. It was a two lap course. I felt like I was sighting well. I only got off course a little at the end because i didn't think about the second lap being an exit lap so i was still swimming tight to the turn instead of wider towards the shoreline. t1 - went ok. Got on the bike and thats when things got interesting. I started feeling pretty bad early on in the bike. not sure why just hurting like i couldn't breathe. it was weird becuase i didn't feel bad on the swim or t1. We were told before the race started that there would be police at every turn. This turned out not to be true. not only were there no cops. there were no volunteers at the first turn which I completely missed. I was suspicious when I wasn't seeing anyone around me for awhile. Then I rode into 2 other people that did the same thing and were riding back so I turned around and rode back with them. We got back on course but we were 13 miles deep already to a course that was only 13 miles and we still have to ride the actual course. I learned a few things. I need to learn the courses more and not rely on volunteers to tell me where to go. I also should bring enough water etc in case something like this goes wrong. At least it was cool out from the rain. I almost made the same mistake on the second loop of the bike course AGAIN! luckily there was someone turning there so I followed them as literally asked to make sure i was on course. I was in a state when I finally finished the bike course. I was actually debating not even going out on the run. I was so far behind everyone and with my foot I was thinking why put my foot through this run? But my husband encouraged me to do it while I was running into t2 so I put on my sneakers and tried to run out the bike in/out which they said was the run out at the beginning of the race but i have a feeling they changed that since it is stupid and dangerous to do that so i ran around the transition to the other side.  Thankfully some people were cheering me on as i exited because i wasn't feel like hitting the run so much. But I would get through it. Twice I had this weird feeling where I was just gasping for air. Like an asthma attack. Except I don't have asthma that I know of.  I stopped and walked and even stopped moving for a bit until I could get my breathing under control. It wasn't exercise related as I wasn't running fast enough to be out of breathe like that. It was like a restriction where I just couldn't get the air in even though I was breathing hard. I was scared the second time it happened because I am anaphylatic and i was afraid something stung me and I didn't know it.  But as fast as these came then went away too. I do have bad allergies so it is possible it is from that too I guess. The run course was hilly. Probably the hardest part of the race. Probably my last run for a really long time. My last full tri of the season. I will do some kayak tris in october as the biker on a team. no more running and i don't kayak. Wish I was able to close out the season on a better note. I felt like I was doing well until I got lost on the bike that added so much time it was pretty much impossible to make it up over a short course. But got a good workout in. Race issues I am considering emailing the race directors about. There was only 1 rowboat in the water for the swim. I think that is a safety issue. What if more than 1 person needs assistance? There were not many volunteers etc. on the race course it felt confusing instead of organized. if they don't have enough volunteers they should pay people to work the course. I understand it is the athletes responsibility to know the course but I wasn't the only person that got lost. That doesn't make for happy people. The setup was tight. The place were people parked was the same place the transition and finish line were so when people got done they were just standing around with their bikes etc while other people who are still racing are going around them. They did not use a chip timing system so people are asking you for your number so they can write it down. not a big fan of that way of doing things.

Im actually pretty tired from the race and the long day. I hope to be to bed early tonight! It wasn't a very good food day either which probably didn't help matter either.

Sprouted Grain Bagel

vega wfo w/coconut water


2 slices roasted vegetable pizza

Potato & Onion Pierogies with Broccoli & Walnuts

Chocolate Soymilk

Tempeh Bacon

Blueberry Rice waffles


  1. Mary, I'm sorry you didn't have a good experience at your last tri of the season...

    I have not done too many races that were so poorly organized, but I did do one half iron in NJ that was kind of messed up like this and it was very disappointing.

    At the end of the day, it is TOTALLY a safety issue. Wonder if it was USAT sanctioned...?

    Anyway, you should be proud for sticking it out and getting it done in spite of all that didn't go as planned. Sometimes — in fact — most times, tris are all about taking things as they come, adjusting the plan as you go. Hanging in and getting it done :)

    Take it easy and let those tootsies heal!

  2. Mary

    Great job sticking with it & finishing. You should absoluately write to the RD & let them know what happened during your experience. It is tough enough to race any endurance event & stay focused but the last thing you need is to be concerned about safety issues. Particularly if this was a USAT sanctioned event more the reason you need to write them & tell them the issues. There is no excuse for not having cops / volunteers at crossways. That is just plan dangerous.

  3. I checked the race website and it was a usat race. I got a survey emailed to me about the race today so I took the time to answer it and address my issues.

  4. Sorry about the race. I did one in May where the 3 leader's ran 4:30's for the 10K! Obviously not enough volunteers or good course marking. Just think of it as practice for the real ones. I am all set for Timberman next year, hope to see you there!