Thursday, September 16, 2010

take another shot

Swim - 100 warmup and drills then 1000yd time trial - 22.27.

9minute AMRAP of 10 American Kettlebell Swings @ 35 lbs, 15 GHD situps - 6 full rounds and through 8 ghd situps of the 7th round

Overhead Press - 45x5, 50x5, 55x5, 60x3 fail on 4th rep 2 x 55, 5 x 55 did this immediately after the amrap and didn't have time to rest much between the sets but it was still good to get something like this done.

Had another foot Doctor appointment today and I got another cortisone shot in my foot. Took more xrays to see if I have stress fractures or if the spurs are still growing (last set of xrays was from July). Might have to do another shot or two. possibly orthotics to see if they help. Curious to see if this shots does any better. I do think the first shot helped a bit but it def did not talk all of the pain away. He also gave me a prescription for celebrex. I was unable to get it filled today at the drug store because it needed some kind of special approval that is going to take a day or two. I hate taking drugs anyway so I wasn't too upset about that. He wants me to try to take the drugs in coordination with the shot treatment to try to hit this things with as much anti-inflammatories as we can at once. While I was at the pharmacy I got a flu shot.

so far the shots doesn't hurt as much this time as it did last time. If im not on my foot it is fine. but I am walking on it a little funny.  I iced it down and will try to stay off of it the rest of tonight. Hopefully Ill be back at it tomorrow.

blueberry waffler
sprouted grain bagel
vega wfo w/coconut water
grit tofu
whole wheat potato gnocchi  & broccoli & tomatoes
vega vibrnacy bar
2 burritos - tofu & veggie
tempeh bacon

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