Friday, September 10, 2010

running on my flat tire

The foot felt a lot better this morning. just like walking around on a flat tire because it is still all taped up. I think being off it all night really helped. I tried to be good today but that doesn't usually work out for me. Hit crossfit this morning and did 21-15-9 of 35lb kettlebell swings and GHD Situps in 3.58. Hand help up well which is exciting. Tried to do my 7 mile bike time trial and it started pouring. so I was burning up the hills and trying to be careful on the downhills. So much for keeping my foot dry. Took m,e 32.34 to get 7.66 miles completed. my legs were cooked on the hills and really fried afterwards. Didn't know it was supposed to rain today so returning to the office afterwards was interesting. Picked up some fresh veggies from a farmer which make the commute home a circus show with me trying to balance all of my stuff. I was riding with my wet cycling shoes clipped in and my runner on my feet on top of those. wet clothes hanging off my backpack. Hilarous stuff!

tempeh bacon
vega wfo w/coconut water
pintos piccadillos brown rice
vega vibrancy bar
thai salad
thai tofu & veggies& brown rice

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