Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Entering the Vegan Zone

tuesday - still didn't catch up on sleep but hit the pool this morning. Did warmup - fist drills, finger tip drag. then swam 3 x 8 minutes on 30 seconds rest. really focused on not crossing over my stroke and not straightening my arms in the water. actually starting to feel better although my left arm has a mind of its own if i stop thinking about this. I focused more on this then trying to get as much distance as possible but it was still a good swim.

Deadlifts - first time doing these in a long time
warmup with 95 for a few then
135,155,185,195,205,215, 225
fail 235 fail 230
Hand felt fine. My foot is feeling ok also. not great yet but not as bad as before.

sprouted grain bagel
vega wfo w.coconut water
vega vibrancy bar
lentils in onion gravy, sprouted quinoa & moroccan Carrots
Grit Tofu, Mexican Potato & Zucchini Chips

So im going to try to maintain zone proportions while using all vegan foods for my diet and see how it works.  Right now it is learning curve that is taking some time.  It will be easier once I get to the store and actually plan meals that way.


  1. wow! awesome job on the dead lifts!

  2. Great job on the deads MaryStella! It was great to meet you and Ron.

  3. thanks guys. im happy with them since i haven't done them in so long. but only for now. i want to go heavier soon!