Saturday, September 11, 2010

still on the busted wheel

Took the tape off my foot this morning. Overall I think the foot is feeling better. But when I step on it sometimes it still hurts. Icing my feet down a little while the bandages are off. Will stretch and roll them later. Rode my bike 3 miles to the pool this morning. warmup 100 then 500 of drills. Then 500 Time trial - 11:50. There may be some extra laps in there because I lost count and I felt like I was swimming faster than that. Overall the swim felt really good. Then 3 mile bike back home. Semi cleaned up my bike from riding in the rain yesterday. I didn't do the full washdown because it is supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow so I have a feeling I will just be doing this all over again after the race but I did rock and roll the chain and wipe down the tires a bit. Already got my practice ride in the rain done yesterday so Im ready for racing in the rain again tomorrow. gotta go get my hair braided up and pack my things for tomorrow. Overall feeling good going in to the race. Other than the obvious issue with my foot I have been short on rest the last few days in a row but it is only a sprint tri so hopefully that won't matter too much. Should be a fun time.

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