Wednesday, September 8, 2010

more painfilled things

bike workout from hell. 1 minute on trainer followed by 1 minute isometric squat - 10 rounds. My cadence was slowing by the end of this one!

warmup with pushups, pullups, squats, dips situps. Pullups and pushups seem hard again since i haven't been doing them!

Back Squats - 45 x 10, 95x5, 105x5, 115x5, 125x 5 - dizzy afterwards kept the weight here, 125 x 5, dizzy again. Haven't been lifting heavy in awhile either. Im feeling it all around.

Got blown around on my bike during my bike commute today. Just real windy not stormy. Surprisingly feeling good in spite of the leg day. I will probably feel it when I wake up tomorrow.

Here are a few shots of me from the half-marathon. I have a pained look on my face in each one. They are kinda funny. Although my heel is still killing me. It is ridiculous today. Decided to stop taking the nsaids they are just making me feel worse overall I think Ive had enough of them for awhile.

Chocolate Soymilk
Tempeh Bacon
VEGA wfo w/coconut water
Peanut Butter
Cumin Lime Tofu & ginger Broccoli
Black Bean Chili


  1. Mary,
    I found your blog through a twitter post from someone else (a crossfitter) and I am very interested in what you are doing. I am a triathlete and tri coach, and I am currently doing a lot of reading about cross-fit and doing cross-fit style workouts on my own (though I do not belong to an affiliate). I am also not totally a vegan, but have been trying to move in that direction. As you might expect, there is a lot of skepticism in the tri coaching community about how a cross-fitter can train for longer endurance events just through cross-fit. At the same time, the crossfit community seems a bit skeptical about the wisdom of putting in so many hours at endurance in swim/bike/run. I feel like both methods have a lot to offer and am very interested in the idea of blending the two (and your being a vegan is an extra bonus!)

    I invite you to follow my blog at (and facebook, twitter) and to contact me so we can start a dialog.


  2. Added you on facebook and twitter so we can chat. Thanks for checking out my blog.