Wednesday, September 22, 2010

First impression

Still tired. Had a hard time getting up this morning. Need to get to bed early tonight and catch up. 5 minute warmup on trainer then 5 rounds of 4 minutes on trainer and 50 squats. did the first round of squats barefoot and my heel let me know if isn't ready for that so I was switching shoes for every round thereafter. My heel has actually been bothering me today. I put ice on it for awhile.  Today was my first full day of zoning my food. deep into the learning curve. my first impression is this is less food than i would normally eat. its too early to really say anything about how I feel or more importantly perform. did 3 block meals for breakfast lunch and dinner and a vega.

tempeh bacon
vega wfo w/coconut water
Tofu, Black Beans, Cubanelle Pepper, onions, Brown Rice
Tofu, Pinto Beans, Green Pepper, Onions, Corn Tortilla, soy cheese, avocado

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  1. Hey MaryStella, Nancy ran the 18 miles in 2:44:46 which is 9:09s. Best of all, no pain. Thanks so much for asking. Take care of the foot!