Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Slept a ton last night too. Swim - warm up and drills and 30 minutes focusing on stroke count. Got one lap at 18 but most were 19-21 range. cf wod - 15 - 9  - 7 of Thrusters @45 lbs and pushups. The thrusters were ok on my hand. my shoulder was actually feeling worse during them than my hand and even more surprising was the thursters were easier than the pushups. the pushups were killing me after not doing them for so long. time 5:03.  My foot still hurts, it is clicking a lot and hurts when I stretch it. I go back to the doctor on thursday. Did my exercises today too.

chocolate soymilk
sprouted grain bagel
vega wfo w/coconut water
teriyaki tofu, veggies, brown rice
vega vibrancy bar
tempeh scramble w/red pepper and swiss chard
chocolate almonds

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