Wednesday, February 2, 2011

achtung baby

weather had me inside on the trainer again today. Screwed up my work schedule too so i only have time to get 1 wod in today.  Warmed up with 3 miles then I did 24 rounds of tabata. really hard gear distance was 2.6 miles. looking forward to getting back into the water and back to crossfit tomorrow!

Had my final bike maintenance class tonight. Covered chains, front and rear deraillers, shifters, cables. I actually found my cable to be frayed in the shifter so Stefan had to stay overnight to get that changed.  I am glad I did the course. I def learned more about my bike. Hopefully I will remember it and be able to use it when necessary. mostly i think it will just help me identify problems that I need to get it into the bike shop for before they become major issues.  I am not very good at mechanical things. I was even told I carry my bike incorrectly. I just fling it over my shoulder. I was told it isn't luggage! My bike had the most dirt and I was reminded over and over every class that a clean bike is a happy bike. When we were cleaning our drive trains  I was told to just keep going and going but my chain is now that cleanest it has ever been.

My next bike class is a series with a pro cyclist getting coached on a trainer. It starts this saturday for a few weeks. I decided to do this because the last time I was taught anything about bike riding it was by my dad as a kid. I feel like it is so important in endurance events to really work technique because you are repeating those motions over and over for so long. We can talk about strength and mental toughness forever. Form is a huge piece of the puzzle where huge gains can be made. It hopefully will make me faster and also be some injury prevention. It can't hurt. I am looking forward to it. It is supposed to work your form and efficiency as well as be some hard intervals.

meal 1 - tofu, tempeh bacon, red pepper, spinach, pico de gallo
meal 2 - grit tofu, roasted yams and ruttabagas
meal 3 - clif buidler bar
meal 4 - lentil soup w/kale, 3 pieces hemp bread with cashew butter

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  1. Sounds like you've learned and will be learning a lot. I have no clue about my bike, just lucky I haven't had a flat in a race yet or I might still be out there trying to change it.