Sunday, February 20, 2011


bike - 13 minute warmup. 3 x 25 minutes on 5 minutes off. Got some snow last night so still haven't made it outside on my bike. On the trainer still getting used to the tri bike.

Run 2.5 miles. Got to go outside for this!

50 pushups wearing a 20 lb weight vest with a 5 second isometric hold after each pushups. - that hold made it rough!
Had a dream last night about crashing my bike during a race. My ankle bone was coming out of my leg from it.  so creepy.

meal 1 - tofu, broccoli, red pepper, red onion, coconut milk, clif builder bar
meal 2 - Lentil tacos, pico de gallo
meal 3 - tofu teriyaki, green beans, red beets, peanut butter, granola & soymilk

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