Thursday, February 17, 2011

paint it black

bike - 13 minutes warmup then some tabata! 8 rounds of 20 seconds on 10 second off. 7 minute cooldown. This is the hardest I have gone on my new bike yet. Guess I am starting to get broken into it. I emailed Cervelo yesterday to ask why they offer womens options on their road bikes etc. but not on their TT bikes. I'm curious to see their response if I even get one. I mostly just wanted to voice my opinion that it might be a nice idea since the bike can be the best piece of machinery but if you can't feel comfortable on it you'll never do well with it. I haven't decided if i am going to switch the saddle yet or not. I do seem to be doing better with it but as my mileage increases and i get out on the road ill see what's up.

great weather here again today! :) I got outside and did a 2.3 mile run. Had to get it in before the doc appt where he cripples me up for a few hours. It went well enough. Not really running hard but it is good to be moving!

cf wod - 60 Kettlebell Snatches - (30 each arm) for time - 26 lb KB time - 3:40
Kept the weight light as I haven't done snatches in forever and I basically want to make sure the form was on and I wasn't muscling the weight. I didn't want to accidently have to pull my foot off the ground to get the weight up. Next time I think I can go heavier.

Visit with the doc went well. Got another shot in my foot to break up the scar tissue. He thinks this will be the last one since most of the scar tissue at this point is superficial to the skin and not over the nerves in my foot. I have to keep using the Voltaren gel everyday but I am cleared to run on the flat and gradually increase my distance. no hills or speedwork yet. Only other big restriction is no jumping of any king, no jump rope, box jumps, broad jump, jacks, etc. since that is the only thing he said that could really imjure it at this point in the healing process. I have to go back in a month. The big thing he wants to me do is keep it stretched out. Im sore from the shot now. Hopefully that will be gone by tomorrow.

I've been rockin these compression socks lately and i really like them!!

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