Thursday, February 3, 2011

more shots

Finally got back to the pool and crossfit today. swim - 500 drills - switch, catch, drag, shark, hesitate, then 10 x 100s on 20 seconds rest
1 - 1.32
2 - 1.36
3 - 1.36
4 - 1.39
5 - 1.38
6 - 1.36
7 - 1.37
8 - 1.36
9 - 1.38
10 - 1.37

500 of drills - switch, catch, shark, hesitate, kick - i wanted to start working kicking drills back in because when get tired that is one of the first things to suffer. I just stop kicking or kick randomly instead of consistently.

100 breaststoke to cool down.

cf wod - AMRAP - 20 minutes of
9 Goblet squats with 2 - 26 lb kettlebells racked on my chest (52 total pounds)
7 GHD situps
5 Air squats
13 total rounds and 3 squats of the 14th round. This wod was way harder than I expected it to be. The goblet squats were so hard even though they weren't heavy. It was more of a core stabilization fatigue coming off the GHDs than legs. Although my legs felt cooked when I was done. Haven't had dead legs like that is awhile. Maybe it coming back off the surgery pushing weight through the squat position instead of just airsquats. I could have had more rounds. The goblet squats slowed me down because I was making sure the form was spot on because of the foot. I don't want to aggravate it with a misstep. I love GHDs!

back to the foot doctor today. I knew he was going to give me shots in my foot and that they were going to hurt because he had to put them directly into the scar tissue. I got 3 shots. The first didn't the hurt. The second two were really not comfortable at all but I suffered through it. My foot is really sore now. I start using my crutches to keep pressure off of it. I also took some pain meds and have it elevated with ice on it. I am sure this is just a temporary thing so hopefully it will be fine by tomorrow. He did mention I might need 2  - 3 more shots to finish breaking up the scar tissue. I have another appointment in 2 weeks. Still no running. Same activities as before.

meal 1 - vega wfo w/coconut water
meal 2 - 2 cups soy yogurt, 1 cup blueberries, 1/2 cup strawberries, ground flax seed
meal 3 - tempeh bacon, tofu, spinach, red pepper, Pico De Gallo
meal 4 -clif builder bar

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