Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Wanderer

Bike - had my class this morning. Got damon hooked up with his new garmin sensor. sadly I couldn't get it to work during the class because it was picking up other sensors but after the class I got it to work so I will have data again for me rides. Yippee. Gonna keep me honest. main sets of the class today were an 8 minute TT at 100 percent effort. a 10 minute hill climb hard gear low cadence grind. and a 5 minute high cadence spin .There was other riding involved too not sure how much before of the sensor issue. legs are always cooked after this class.

Run - 3.5 miles. Still slow going! I need someone to run behind me with a taser or something. had to immediately get to the pool to get my swim wod in. Foot was a little sore afterwards. Oddly my left leg bothers me more than my right foot.

Swim - 300 drills to warmup, catch, shark and hesitate. My lats and shoulder were killing me for the entire time in the pool. Strangely they were not hurting at all until I started swimming. I think it is was from the cf wods yesterday. 500 pull, 5 x 100s at race pace on 20 seconds rest. Swam these at 1:40. Not sure if that was my race pace or not but I wasn't feeling speedy in the pool tday. finished off with 500 easy.

meal 1 - clif builder bar
meal 2 - tempeh, spinach, red peppers
meal 3 - vega wfo w/coconut water
meal 4 - 2 mexican pizza (black beans, tomatoes, cabbage), peanut butter

im register to race the "run for the red" marathon as part of a relay team. This is the course that Ironman Pocono mountain is using so I wanted to get out on the course before IMPM and check it out. This will be a half-mary a few weeks before eagleman. Really hope my running gets better and fast!

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